About - Raul Percic Painting
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Raul Perčić

At the beginning of the 80s of the 20st century, after the predominance of conceptual and intellectual stream, in the time of questioning of survival of painting and calling for its ending, there has been restoration and take off of painting topics and techniques, visual display and individualism, know under the name of New Image Painting. Raul Perčić reached his artistic maturity in the first half of the 80s, when these processes where still well felt on the global artistic scene. During his first strokes and search for his own artistic expression, Raul Perčić accomplished a series of abstract painting cycles in a expressive manner, carried by the powerful urge to express his inner state in an uncontrollable gesture. Then comes nearly 20 years long discontinuation due to sway of other professional activities.


Returning again to devoted painting took place in the year 2014. The sediments accumulated in this long period of painting abstinence is reflected upon the newly created eruptive and almost existentialist need for painting, as evidenced by many achieved painting cycles in a very short period of time as well as the lightness of creation. We perceive the painter in extremes: he either completely abstains from painting or painting is his life imperative to which he is devoted without a compromise.


The new works demonstrate a completely new painting poetics. Instead of the abstraction of expressive stroke familiar so far, and the uncontrollable eruptive style of painting, the artist now carefully builds elements of form, thus creating strictly geometrically structured field of painting. The works marking the passage to the utter world of geometry show a twofold approach to solving painting problems. He applies onto the canvas the ground colour applied in vertical line fields and onto the neutral background he applies with fast strokes vibrating painted layer of highlighted handwriting, nearly in the manner of action painting. The next phase brings further control of painting surface that he frees from referentially and author handwriting.


Carefully balanced elements of compositions create vibrating field that with their hypnotic power provoke changeable optic pictures with highlighted spacial relations. Monochromatic or in pure colour, the compositions are carefully composed and controlled. Reducing the fields of painting to simple geometrical forms (square, triangle, rectangle, circle…), is structuring of line elements that form dynamic optical pictures, they are the inheritance and reinterpretation of modernist painting that can be found in the works of artists gathered around the group EXAT 51, and later in the works of Op Art artists and New Tendencies that found their models in avant-garde movements of suprematism, constructivism and Bauhaus. Deprived of need for social transformation and utopian modernistic ideas about the changes of the man and the society, Perčić’s painting cycles are pure formal works in accordance with present day post modern state created as a result of enjoyment in painting.


Nataša Ivančević

  • 1961. Born in August 23th in Rijeka – Croatia
  • 1987. Graduated at Art Academy of Fine Arts (painting) in Rijeka
  • 1987. Solo exhibition – GPZ, Rijeka
  • 1988. Solo exhibition – Marina di Sibari, Italy
  • 1988. Ex tempore, Piran – purchase prize
  • 1969. Ex tempore, Piran – 3th purchase prize
  • 1989. Opened a private gallery “Form”, Rijeka (here he exhibited his paintings)
  • 1989. Ex tempore, Opatija (gallery “Juraj Šporer”) – purchase prize
  • 1999-2015. Exhibits and works in gallery “Laval”, Rijeka
  • 2016. ARTBAHO, group exibition of conteporary art, Barcelona
  • 2016. Art Nou Mill-Lenny Gallery, group exibition, Barcelona